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Reaching audiences

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Reaching a wide audience is the ultimate goal. But also a challenge in an information saturated world. Thus the need to reach audiences across multiple platforms and various content formats.

Augmented reality software


Media & data regulations

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Companies in the Media & Entertainment sector need to comply with certain industry regulations in order to function, including data protection. Building software that takes these regulations into account is a must, so we make sure everything is accounted for.



Audience experience


Digital asset management

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The type of content we are consuming and the way we are doing it has constantly evolved over time. For content creators and media companies, handling digital assets, distributing digital content and protecting it has become of paramount importance.

Streaming platform


Fan engagement


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Our Media & Entertainment success stories

We help content creators and media companies easily manage digital assets and reach wider audiences through innovative technologies. Check out some of our success stories.

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Product Discovery

Discuss the requirements for your media & entertainment software solution with us. During product discovery, we map out the core features or the main optimization suggestions, if it`s an existing application. Learn more >


Custom Development

Our custom software development services cater to all types of industry stakeholders. Whether you are a start-up building an MVP, a content creator or a media organization, we meet your specific requirements. Learn more >


User Experience Design

We help you design software products that are intuitive to use across platforms and media formats. Build unique, interactive digital experiences, including web-based, mobile and cross-platform apps. Learn more >


Staff Augmentation

Already have an in-house development team? Scale your efforts with one or more of our expert developers. If not, we can help you build an entire team from scratch, PMs, UI/UX Designers and Testers included. Learn more >