Qnary Reputation Management Software

The easiest way for executives to manage their online presence and content.

Project story

Social profiles are one of the best ways executives can position themselves as thought leaders in their industry. Qnary delivers everything executive clients need to manage their digital presence, from custom content (Tweets, LinkedIn posts etc.) to scheduling and approval.  

We worked with Qnary to design and code new features related to the content flow and optimize the platform`s loading speed, including codebase refactoring. Qnary provides weekly custom content, which clients can effortlessly review and approve on the fly. We made it easy for content teams to create various types of content (post, share, comment, reaction), track the status of a post, while clients can leave feedback and notes for each entry. We also improved the scheduling experience through a planner. Here users can manage posts for individual channels, automatically publish them once approved or schedule a publication date.

Technologies and architecture

Next.js, GraphQL, Apollo GraphQL, ExpressJS, Bootstrap5, Firebase, Google Cloud

Main activities and responsibilities

UI/UX design, project planning and management, frontend development, backend development, testing, deployment