Building intelligent healthcare &
wellness software solutions.

We believe a healthy life is a happy life and that's why we took on so many projects in this industry. From wellness trackers to medical services platforms, we help you design & build smart healthcare solutions.

Virtual care and telemedicine

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Provide accurate diagnosis, prescribe treatment and track patients` health without them having to visit physical facilities. Virtual care allows you to introduce new methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Healthcare organizations & clinics


Health & wellness tracking

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We believe in gaining holistic insight into patient health. We have experience in building wellness, fitness and diet applications, which help users manage their health goals, track their progress and educate themselves on what it takes to stay healthy.

Health startups


Personal wellness apps


Workflow management

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Build software solutions that streamline medical care and automate processes. Custom healthcare software enables you to reduce the administrative burden on staff by allowing patients to schedule appointments themselves, fill in forms and more.

Patient engagement


Patient assistance


Want to discuss opportunities for improving healthcare and wellness through custom software development?

Our Healthcare & Wellness success stories

Leverage our experience in healthcare & wellness to bring your ideas to life. From holistic health & wellness apps to medical services platforms, we have what it takes.

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Our services

Learn more about how we can help you build intelligent healthcare & wellness software solutions.


Product Discovery

Discuss the requirements for your healthcare or wellness software solution with us. During product discovery, we map out the core features or the main improvements, if it`s an existing app. Learn more >


Custom Development

Our custom healthcare software development services cater to all types of clients from the industry. Whether you are a health start-up, a clinic or a health organization, we meet your specific requirements. Learn more >


User Experience Design

We help you design software products that are intuitive to use for healthcare professionals, care providers, medical staff or patients. We tailor UI/UX design and user flows to your industry needs. Learn more >


Staff Augmentation

Already have an in-house development team? Scale your efforts with one or more of our expert developers. If not, we can help you build an entire team from scratch, PMs, UI/UX Designers and Testers included. Learn more >