Transport Times Nachrichten Portal

Mit einer Website und einer mobilen App ist Transport Times der beste Ort, an dem Berufskraftfahrer ihre Nachrichten erhalten können.

Project story

It’s always been hard for professional drivers to find all the information they need. UNTRR decided to change that and gather all the information in one place: Transport Times.

But first, they needed it built. And that’s where we came in. We designed and programmed the news portal, making sure it matched our client’s expectations. The site features two types of users, the admin – who can write, edit and delete articles and challenges – and the regular users, who create accounts to comment on articles and take part in challenges.

It also comes with an integrated ad system that enables the admins to set up ads and monitor their success. But that’s not all there is to it. Besides the web version, it comes in the form of a downloadable app (iOS + Android) so you can take the content everywhere you go.

Technologies and architecture

We built Transport Times on the Laravel framework and used HTML5 and CSS3 to customize the frontend. For the iOS and Android app we used Titanium.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning and management, UX design, programming (frontend + backend), testing, deployment.