TPA Time Tracking Tool

Raus mit dem Alten, rein mit dem Neuen. Ein besseres Zeiterfassungs-, Berichts- und Abrechnungstool für eine Anwalts- und Wirtschaftsprüfungskanzlei.

TPA Time Tracking Tool

Project story

One of the largest accounting, audit, tax and legal advisory companies in Eastern Europe was looking to upgrade its software. The system they had been using, while adequate for their needs in the past, was in need of an update. So we built a modern, web-based application with all the features they required.

They can now add new companies and contracts, view user reports and generate invoices. With the help of reports, they have access to a range of valuable information, such as employee efficiency and client costs. This allows for better business decisions and everything can be achieved in minutes.

Technologies and architecture

We built this software using PHP and Laravel for back-end and HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AngularJS for the front-end.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning and management, UX design, programming (front-end, back-end), testing, deployment.