Sendoso Design System

Custom Tailwind components for a leading Sending Management Platform.

Project story

Sendoso helps companies put together a complete sending strategy and offers them new ways to engage with customers throughout the buyer's journey. To this end, they needed a design system to match their brand and the solutions they offer, from the most basic elements to the most complex, custom components.

We worked with Sendoso to code a design system using dynamic Tailwind styles. Imagine a “style factory” where styles are generated and then passed dynamically to the component. If the UI changes at click, the style is generated automatically through the “style factory”. We custom coded each component to fit the clients` specific use cases - from a Pill Group that auto collapses according to strict resize requirements to a Checkbox Group with binded parent and child components.

Technologies and architecture

Vue3, Typescript, Tailwind

Main activities and responsibilities

project management & sprint planning, frontend development, testing