Vacancy Filler: Rekrutierung aus der Ferne

Eine Recruiting-Plattform, die es Bewerbern ermöglicht, Video-Interviews hochzuladen.

Project story

Wouldn’t it be great if you could interview job candidates before the actual interview? The app we built does just this, enabling businesses to side-step recruitment agencies and connect directly with applicants. Vacancy Filler makes it easy for applicants to shoot phone videos of themselves answering a set of questions. Then, they can upload the video which the company then assesses.  

We had to deal with encoding clips and rendering videos, while also preventing users from retaking the test too many times. We built Vacancy Filler using React Native, which enabled us to build the mobile app with JavaScript on both iOS and Android using the same code. We came across many issues using it, and we solved them not only for ourselves, but for everyone else: we managed to push fixes in the actual framework.

Technologies and architecture

We used React Native to build both the iOS and the Android app.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning and management, mobile development, testing, deployment on App Store and Play Store.