Proposal Generator with e-Signature

A tool for American accountants.

Project story

In a country with a complex tax payment system, you need tools just as complex to help you manage payments, regulations, payrolls, tax refunds, and more. American Institute came to us needing a tool for accountants in the USA that would allow them to create proposals based on tax payer information, track the status of said proposals, manage their clients, services and more.


We designed and developed a complex admin panel that helps accountants create proposals and forms by using a thorough wizard that analyzes customer needs and comes up with deal suggestions. They can also see their clients and manage their own data, send contracts, manage e-signatures, proposals, sales, benefits offered, standardized forms and more.

Technologies and architecture

Figma, Laravel, VueJs

Main activities and responsibilities

UI/UX design, project planning and management, backend development, frontend development, testing, deployment