Oringo Group Buying

Denken Sie an Groupon, aber für Rumänien. Eine Deal-Plattform, auf der lokale Nutzer gemeinsam von riesigen Rabatten und einzigartigen Angeboten profitieren können.

Project story

Our job was to build an easy-to-use group buying site that gives users the option to request offers themselves. So, we created a secured app and we integrated a mobile payment system and the possibility to pay using cards.

Also, all the content of the site is editable as we created a complex management system for the offers and the orders.

Technologies and architecture

It uses a fast light-weight open-source e-commerce solution based on CodeIgniter. HTML, CSS, JavaScript were used for the front-end.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning & management, database design, programming (frontend + backend), testing, deployment.