Neural Labs Health Tracker

An entire ecosystem that helps you track your wellness data.

Project story

Tracking your wellness, medication and health data has never been more seamless. Neural Labs is a complex app that allows users to keep track of their exercise, nutrition, heart rate, blood pressure, glucose level, allergies, medication and even sleeping patterns. Track data across different devices for a smooth on-the-go experience.


In this project, we helped organize Neural Labs’ design system and came up with new user flows for features they wanted to add to their existing app. We helped expand their tracker feature by designing a data entry module and a goal setting module, as well as CRUD pages where users could keep track of their past health-related entries within the app. Our team also coded the frontend portion of these features.

Technologies and architecture

Figma, Laravel, VueJs 3

Main activities and responsibilities

UI/UX design, project planning and management, frontend development, deployment