NaviGo Travel

Ein umfassendes Tourismusportal, das schnell und einfach zu bedienen ist, so dass Sie Ihre Reise in weniger als einer Minute planen können.

Project story

We created this complex tourism portal from scratch. Together with a sales website we implemented multiple modules from different providers.

The search is done using an external search engine especially designed for tourism packages (Amadeus). And the data about the users, corporate clients and individual clients is managed by a web service connected to the ERP the company was already using (Aqua).

Also, we set up LAMP and Windows servers. In order to make the project coherent and to make our work effective, we also managed the entire project which involved 6 companies. Besides programming and project management, we also did branding for the portal, wrote copy for its pages and did the graphic design.

Technologies and architecture

We built this comprehensive tourism platform using PHP for back-end and HTML, CSS, JavaScript for the front-end.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning & management, UX design, graphic design, branding, programming (frontend + backend), testing, deployment.