HuntStand für Smartes Jagen

Karten-App für Jäger. So können sie leicht den Überblick über ihre bevorzugten Jagdgebiete behalten.

Project story

Keeping track of their hunting areas is vital for hunters. And because there weren’t really that many apps that could do that, we offered them Hunt Stand.

It features two mobile versions, Lite and Pro, both available in Android and iOS. There’s also a web one. With Hunt Stand, hunters build complex maps of their hunting areas, connect with their fellow hunters and share their hunting area maps.

The app offers them elaborate tools for examining and understanding their hunting grounds. On top of that, they can see details on tasks, sightings and harvests and show those off to their friends.

Technologies and architecture

The iOS version of the app is built using Objective-C, while the web version features Python and Bootstrap. We made sure hunters get offline access to weather and maps through automatic map tile caching.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning and management, programming (frontend + backend), testing, deployment.