GovTribe Federal Business Development

A friendlier UX for a data-intensive federal contract & grant platform.

Project story

GovTribe is a platform which helps clients compete in the federal contracting market by providing access to federal contract and grant opportunities and tools to manage the capture and bid process. As a data-intensive application pulling information from multiple federal government sources, GovTribe wanted to improve the user experience and make navigating this huge amount of data easier for their clients.

We worked with GovTribe to redesign key screens and flows related to app navigation, search and onboarding. To help users get started with the application fast, we designed an “Explore” section which centralizes information across the app and links it to the relevant pages. Here users can browse recommended entries for them, such as: latest articles, recommended contract and grant opportunities, agencies offering funding in the user's specific industry, competitor activity. We also restructured the application menu and how search results are displayed, including a global search which displays results across the app and an option to save searches under workspaces. In addition to key screens, we redesigned some of the more complex UI components, including grant and contract opportunity cards with timelines and solicitation cards.

Technologies and architecture


Main activities and responsibilities

UI/UX Design