Browser-basiertes Call Center für Romega

Eine Online-Callcenter-Plattform, die einfach zu bedienen ist und wenig bis keine Ressourcen verbraucht.

Browser-basiertes Call Center für Romega

Project story

Keeping in touch with your clients and offering them support is not an easy task. However, we managed to make things easier for Romega by building a custom browser-based call center for them. Easy-to-use and consuming very little resources, the software offers the company important features such as a client database and detailed call history.

Technologies and architecture

The call center was built on a LAMP server, using MySQL on the back-end and jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 on the front-end. We worked with the Laravel framework and SIPml to ensure the quality of the voice over.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning and management, user experience design, database design, programming (backend + frontend), testing, deployment.