Beamable Live Game Management

We designed and coded a new UI/UX skin for this Unity-driven LiveOps game management platform.

Project story

Beamable helps game creators build and launch their games faster by providing powerful game features and end-to-end prefabs for Unity. The goal was a complete redesign of their online portal, including bringing together two of their legacy platforms into one cohesive structure. We handled a complete UI/UX product design overhaul, as well as the frontend development. 

The first phase of the project consisted in building the new UI and achieving parity with the two legacy web portals. This meant building the existing features into the new platform and moving the player portal into this new structure (the player portal previously existed as part of a separate platform). After this first step, we worked on UI/UX improvements and adding new features. This included, among others, more advanced in-game messaging features, a calendar view for in-game events, a game tree for managing development, staging and production realms, a new onboarding flow, a dashboard with game metrics and many more.

Technologies and architecture

The frontend for the new platform was mainly built using Vuetify.

Main activities and responsibilities

Project planning & management, UI/UX design, frontend development, testing, deployment