JurassicWorld Bildungs-App

Wie kann man das Lernen über DNA unterhaltsamer gestalten? Durch Lernspiele, natürlich.

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Project story

For both curious adults and children alike, JurassicWorld provides the perfect environment to play and learn about DNA. In the first phase, the user creates a postcard, choosing from a various selection of background images, badges and text. They can later send this postcard by mail.

In the second part, the user gets to learn about DNA through educative videos accessible through tapping on a part of a DNA cell displayed on the screen.

The main challenge about this project was the fact that it had to run locally, in the Jurassic World Exhibition parks, on large 34-inch touch displays. We had to optimize the streaming experience on the client’s hardware as best as we could. We tested it on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer 11.

Technologies and architecture

We built JurassicWorld using Laravel for back-end and Bootstrap and CanvasJS for the front-end.

Main activities and responsibilities

Programming (front-end, back-end), testing, deployment.